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  • Al-Cr-Ni description after N. Dupin, I. Ansara, B. Sundman, Thermodynamic Re-Assessment of the Ternary System Al-Cr-Ni, Calphad, 25 (2), 279-298 (2001).
  • Al-Cr-Ni and Mo-Ni-Re descriptions after N. Dupin, U.R. Kattner, B. Sundman, M. Palumbo, S.G. Fries, Implementation of an Effective Bond Energy Formalism in the Multicomponent Calphad Approach, J. Res. Natl. Inst. Stand. Technol. 123 (2018) 123020. doi:10.6028/jres.123.020.

  • tdb2pdf, python code to transform TDB to nice pdf output, use tcs and LaTeX as subprocess.

Nathalie Dupin

She is an expert of the Calphad thermodynamic approach. This technique allows to develop new materials, to model chemical interactions or elaboration processes in many different fields.

She has been constituting multicomponent thermodynamic databases dedicated to complex materials such as superalloys, zircaloys, nuclear fuels, refractory matrices...

Self-employed for more than 20 years, she has kept links with the academic field taking part to advanced course as teacher or attending meeting aiming to improve models.


Scientific skills

Thermodynamic calculation in multicomponent systems, assessments, description of ordering (A1/L12, A2/B2), of non-stoichiometric intermetallic phases, carbides, oxides, hydrides.


2016 Hume-Rothery from the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining

Current status

Self employed since 1998, SIRET 41986119000025, 3 rue de l'avenir 63670 Orcet France.

Consultant in computational thermodynamic : consulting on site or on line, course and help on the use of Thermo-Calc and OpenCalphad softwares, on thermodynamic modelling, constitution of thermodynamic databases, calculation with existing databases. Contact me!

Other professional experience

  2021 -

Adjunct Teacher at SIGMA in Clermont-Ferrand,
Introduction to Computational Thermodynamics

12/18 - 01/19

Senior expert at Eramet Ideas in Trappes,
Thermodynamics and metallurgy

12/96 - 11/98

Post-doc at the LTPCM in Grenoble with I. Ansara,
Constitution of thermodynamic databases for zirconium and nickel based alloys

12/95 - 11/96

Post-doc at the ENSMP with Y. Bienvenu,
Thermodynamic study of the reaction of concrete with molten nuclear core.

09/91 - 03/95


  • Ph. D. in Materials science and engineering -1995 - INP Grenoble
  • Chemical engineer, option inorganic Materials - 1991 - ENS Chimie Clermont Ferrand, nowadays SIGMA Clermont

Extended CV

CV in french


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